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Apr 2014
What is it that you do to me that makes me gone for three
Could it be your touch the smoothes my pain or could it be your smile that steals my heart
What beauty is before my eyes that is unlimited by pains or cries with a little that benefits a queen
Sweet baby your so fine
So sweet than sweet wine
Can I touch you and make you mine
For I want to love you till the end of time
But if the love I feel is a sin may I be commited to eternity of pain for I cannot live if thy doesn't bring the love I nedd to breath again abd again
What is it that I feel so strong. That feels to good to be wrong that makes me certain that you and I were meant to be to together for all eternity
#love happened
Written by
marcia noria sono  witbank, south africa
(witbank, south africa)   
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