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Apr 2014
The Price of Love
Written by Adam M. Snow

My sanity of love; is not my insanity?
I plea it so.
Then so be it, I say.
That I banish my dream, for a moment to see.
To love,
that I may wake in another life with thee;
holding hands with thee.
Is not this thing called love I seek?
Is not this a dream?
Do I dare glimpse eternity with thee?
Without thee shall be an eternity in itself.
To bid thee a farewell would only be a sweet tragedy.
But it's sad to say that this sweet tragedy is true,
that this love must end so tragically.
But this love must be love within my heart;
an eternity of broken sorrow, as I remain alone.
Alone to ponder thus love now yonder,
as I fall short of thee.
And by thee such tragedy,
I curse thyself sweet insanity;
a glimpse of eternity.
A price to pay for a tragic love.
A price to pay for a sanity of love.
But be as it may, a journey cut short
when I see thee again come the break
of morn.
The price to pay for love is love
and nothing more.
The price of love is you and I,
together forever and nothing more.
I plea it so.
Then so be it, I say.
I shall love thee with a love,
more than love and nothing more.
Adam M Snow
Written by
Adam M Snow  El Mirage
(El Mirage)   
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