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Apr 2014
Testing the water, it’s hot and pleasant
Salty, but its waves will not overcome the ocean
For it is small and not quite in sight
It’s power is a mystery.

A box of grey and blue, cooing softly
Silver, but it cannot overcome the hawk
For it is small and like a man’s fright  
It’s feathers are a mystery.

Fluttering bows, bright and colorful
Fun, but it’s flight will not overcome a plane
For it’s small and like a star in the city tonight
It’s magic is a mystery.

But here is a thing, not one described
Powerful, and it overcomes all but the deaf
For it is both small and large, it does excite
To the deaf, a mystery.

Here’s one more, one of five together
Complex, and it overcomes all but the blind
For it’s both wide and near, a strange might
To the blind, a mystery.

It creates an appetite, it can be unpleasant
Indescribable, and it overcomes only taste
For it’s none too large, and not hard to write
To the sick a mystery.

One to go with that, something to crave
Sweet, and it overcomes an appetite
For it’s more than hunger, a thing of delight
To many, a mystery.

Warm or cold, skin to skin it can be
Inviting, and it overcomes weak-wills
For it’s always there, a strange, quiet plight
To the dead, a mystery.

This is not one of five, but a sixth
Confusing, and overcomes even great scholars
For it’s vast as the ocean, something to write
To everyone, a mystery.

Great heart.
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