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Apr 2014
Past years reminding me of ancient ideas, wasted hope on young lustful love
which now translates to the tune of reluctant,
senseless adoration as I watch
my first birdie take flight
and spread his wings like a majestic eagle in the sky.

I wave goodbye.

You know I'll always remember
the first summer we spent together.

In the good times, and through all the bad
concern and dim hopes were all we had
but then, she heard wings of all sorts
scattered at her front door flocking
My birdie came knocking
stopped the boat on uneasy waters from rocking.

Opened up his tormented soul for me to see
and asked every graciously "forgive me?"
I pleaded, "but it was I who'd sent you away!"
and it still haunts me to this day
that I hurt my best friend
and thinking of those tainted sheets in which I lay.

But you told me not to worry, not to fret
the past is the past,
so lets start off where we finished last
we were stupid, carefree and naiveΒ Β 
we knew no greater truth than hair dye & ****
And simple things,
like paintings, a smile and teddy bears
were all we needed.

But I'm here today to prove
That I will always stay true
To give guidance and support all the way through
Best Friend,
I love you.
this is dedicated to a friend,
I've removed his name from this dedication but at this moment in time that's how I felt about him. And has shaped me as a person I am today. For the record, I don't love him. Maybe, in a corner of my heart I will always care. But, too many tears, and too many wasted hours have gone into trying to make some kind of friendship work again with him. So I've given up. Thank you. (02/15/17)
Written by
Natasha  23/here, there & everywhere
(23/here, there & everywhere)   
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