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Apr 2014
I arrive at the party early and head straight for the kitchen.
I half and half a fruity flavored ***** and cranberry cocktail juice in my red solo cup.

It tastes bad.
I drink fast
It tastes better.
My cup is empty.
Hunch punch it is.
****** drinking games
****** music.

I go out on to the patio.
I'm greeted by a circle of hazy expressions
And red eyes.
1 hit
2 hits
3 hits

Jenga truth or dare.
lick the faces of three people
Girl that dared me - one.
Girl with purple hair - two.
Guy with buddy holly glasses - three.

Space Odyssey plays on the stereo.

I wake up fully clothed on a makeshift mattress made of couch cushions.
I'm ******* freezing.
And next weekend we'll do it all over again.
Same party
Same *****
Same music

A party's success is based on how guilty you feel the next day.
Circa 1994
Written by
Circa 1994  Florida
   --- and Diary of the Damned
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