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Oct 2010
While I sit down to write
My pen begins to talk
What are you ding my friend
You resemble a hawk

You have a long agenda
to fix something up
Never trying to find
only eccentrically burp?

The Suns, Moons you see
Can never be your friend
You are quite alone
over the battle ground

Time have come
to make your skin thick
Strengthen your body
to give hard kick

All these talks
made me to smile
pen seems very smart
walks a more mile

Agendas are to undo
battles are history
for my beloved pen
it is a mystery

World has moved
faster than my pen
Sun.Moon are in my net,
and listed as my fan

I pity my poor pen
Preparing to face a ban
we are in motion
Just no battles
Only a final Annihilation
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