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Apr 2014
As the night slips into day
Every bit of consciousness fades away
Flying and gliding into a realm of imagination and possibility
Deep down the rabbit whole I fall
Where perception becomes reality and anything can form
Infinity of choices, banquet of emotions flow freely as the expansion of the mind creates amazing atmospheres and glorious experiences.
My human body ceases to exist
The spirit has taken charge and the soul is exploring the vast abyss.
Dancing in the evening as a flame burning bright.
Lighting the darkness of this uncaring world.
Evolving into the warmth of a sunset, vibrant oranges and reds
As light and free as a cloud flowing through the open air
Drifting endlessly through the heavens.
Transforming into a beam of light.
Reflecting every face, every motion of the sea
Bouncing from surface to surface
Innocent and buoyant as a child jumping carefree on a trampoline on a warm summer day
Breathing in the fresh cut grace and blooming daisies.
Basking in the sensation of the breeze washing over my skin.
Blanketed in the comfort and security
Like a fuzzy quilt of love on a gloomy rainy morning
Or the embrace of a mother to her small child.
Leanna Gray
Written by
Leanna Gray
     Curt A Rivard Sr and Leanna Gray
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