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Apr 2014
i like to think about the way rain hits windows because it reminds me of you. i was the rain and you were the boy who never stepped a foot outside. you stayed locked inside like a castle. no matter how many times i cascaded raindrops like tearfalls you could never seem to see the beauty in them. you were terrified you'd become the echo of thunder and that you'd never be heard from ever again. but you were never one to be something so insignificant. i wish you'd open your door and realize the reason i kept coming back was because you had the potenital to be lightening. you could brighten a whole room just by walking in. you made me realize that there was beauty in such simplicity. i knew you were the one because you secretly loved watching thunderstorms. the first time you cracked open your door you were holding onto your umbrella for dear life, like you didn't know what would happen if you actually braved the storm. you were hell bent on thinking the words "natural disaster" were tattooed permenantly on your chest. i tried urging you to come out with promises of washed away fears and kisses in the rain, but you were still hesitant. it was like you were waiting for something and i didn't know what else i had to offer. it was then you decided to come outside and i couldn't understand why. you came up to me and dropped that ******* umbrella and took my hand and said, "can't you see i was waiting for you to let down your guard, you put up walls like windows and made the rain fall like floods around your heart, you were the one who wouldn't let me in."
allison joy
Written by
allison joy
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