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Apr 2014
I might not have
the perfect smile.
I might not have
the perfect teeth.
I might not be the
skinniest person out there.
I might not be the
most beautiful human being.
I might not be the perfect person
and that's okay, because no one is
We all have flaws.
Some are good at hiding them,
some are not.
The thing is,
you have to come to know that you are
and beautiful
in your own ways.
I've learned that being negative
doesn't do anything
but make matters worse.
Being negative
doesn't really get you anywhere.
You become mopey
You don't ever feel good enough
about yourself or
about anything.
Change that problem,
I guarantee
that you will feel
so much better afterwards
but you will never achieve
if you keep it with you.
Let it go.
Just, let it go.
No matter how hard it is to forget.
Turn that negative attitude
into a positive attitude.
If I can do it,
you can do it.
I believe
that you will accomplish it
someday at sometime.
Whether you want to
or not,
just try.
Also think,
no one is making you feel that way
but yourself.
See the difference,
**feel the difference.
Serenity Marine
Written by
Serenity Marine  louisiana
     Akash mazumdar, Aarushi Vijay and ---
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