Apr 2014

easy days

How complacent the thought
When everything is trying
to kill you, and you are
trying to kill it.
I mean look at this city
or walk the prairie
or the moor
and wonder
and then scrunch up a piece
of newspaper and laughing
set fire to it with a match
and throw it to the floor
at the back of the bus
low flames, watch it
hold my sides

easy days

Life before history began, when
the dinosaurs roamed the Earth  
innocent primordial bloodlust
before the toxic torture chamber
of the Great Now
where the land is a toy
and the sky is owned and
tied up with steel studded leather
to be filled and abused
and tracked by vapour trails.

The air is still... as if waiting with
glee for an air-burst: the great
cleansing of the thermonuclear.

I need further terms of reference
as I wander around the bus station.
No attack today
damn world peace.

Ben Brinkburn
Written by
Ben Brinkburn  Lancashire, UK
(Lancashire, UK)   
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