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Apr 2014
Loneliness is a dark room
Waiting for light to be shed
Loneliness is the last of us
Reaching for companionship
Loneliness is the worst torture
With no contact what so ever
Loneliness is a prison cell
With no daylight to shine on your face
Can never be forgotten
Though, loneliness...
Can be ridden of the mind
Loneliness is weak
Loneliness is pathetic
Loneliness is but a dark room that can be bright with but a simple light
Loneliness is but a man that can be brought from the depths of despair with just a companion
Loneliness is but a prison cell that can be made hopeful with a simple
Crack in the wall
A crack
To the outside world
A crack to experience sunlight
A crack to the fresh outside air of the vast open world
Is nothing but a dark room
Written by
Liam Heaney
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