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Apr 2014
i am claustrophobic 
and i despise
the feeling of
being embraced 

but right now, 
it's 3 am
i long for 
your warmth 

i want to
my ears 
with the beating
of your steady heart, 
to feel your
arms wrapped 
around my waist 
and your legs 
tangled with mine 

i want to feel
your mouth 
against my head 
with your 
hot breath 
my messy hair 

and i want 
to feel you 
pressed against me 
like the world is 
about to end 
and that this moment
is all we have 
and that the stars
aligned with us somehow, 

and i just 
want to feel your love 

i want to feel 
that comforting
that you love me 
as much as i love you
vail joven
Written by
vail joven
   Katie and ---
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