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Apr 2014
I asked my math professor if he knew what the equation was when two entities meet at a specific moment in life.

Is there a letter to substitute in for her name?

Or a number for the amount of time I spend with her.

Did the great elucid create any form of geometrical sequences that would

allow me to intersect the way life intertwined,

the way our hands intertwined.

I was clueless when it came to her,

being unable to justify what traveled faster

her voice against my skin
or light across the open space.

If I could write out a formula for the way our bodies melt, the periodic table would find a new element within.

What would our acronym be, what would our lives become if we solidify or become a gaseous state

Our atoms bouncing against each other’s hearts like the core of a star, matter weighing millions of tons that we orbit around each other like two galaxies connecting.

Yet illuminating the dead space like a Fourth of July only this is a firework burning for billions of years.

Two bodies,
hearts beating,
melting into one.

What will they write down in books about us.

What will they think when they start to study about our nebula's.

Were their hearts to empty,
or were they full of life?

Were they human?
Jessy Ivan Diaz
Written by
Jessy Ivan Diaz  Minneapolis, Mn
(Minneapolis, Mn)   
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