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Apr 2014
Life is a never ending game of crucial decisions.
It is like whatever path you choose
there is a trap ready to squash whatever idea you may have had.

So basically we are born into this world to grow up, learn to survive, and work as modern day slaves save up for retirement and die. Yes we are all promised a graveyard, but yet we can not live the way we would like to due to repercussions of laws we have to follow.

Also during this got dam amazing so called mother ******* "Free Life" It is in my best interests to find a woman to love, for the rest of our lives while producing the next generation of modern day slaves.

I must say Bravo! This nations government keeps so many things under wraps just to keep the people somewhat satisfied while still eating their fill.

Back to me ranting about love in this generation...Ha! it is a mother ******* joke. Attractive women want attractive men which have a job, a nice car, some social status, and is financially stable. Ok all those things I mentioned yes are Great perks, BUT!! 99.9% of those guys lack sense of humor, they could care less about your feelings, are very likely to cheat on you in the future , AND are with you because you are attractive and/or have all these great perks I mentioned that women look for.

It is truly sad because it looks like it is getting worse as the years pass by. I know exactly who I could have a great and fruitful life with and I could be everything she had ever wanted and more! But of course My physical image is not what she wants so she will continue to be oblivious and will continue to get her heart broken time and time again. If you are reading this WAKE UP

*The Rogue Poet
The Rogue Poet
Written by
The Rogue Poet  Perpetual Reality.
(Perpetual Reality.)   
   Alias and vague rememberance
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