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Oct 2010
My heart
Oh, my heart
Bleeds rainbows through my arteries
Oh, they spill
Out of my body and into the world
Oh, they water
The soil, and grow the shoots and the leaves
Oh, it feeds
The yin-yang skin wrapped around my chest
Oh, it makes
The milk that keeps the future alive
Oh, it left
Unicorns and dinosaurs in the past
Oh, it’s leaving
Me behind, my feet can’t keep up
Oh, it’s cutting
Down the shoots and the leaves
Oh, it’s tilling
The soil and planting cattle
Oh, they fill
The air with death, and heat
Oh, I stop
Walking, there is nowhere left to go
Except to the past
With the unicorns and dinosaurs
To live
As nothing but a memory
Or an imagined, false being
On the edge of a rainbow
Spilling out from
My heart
Oh, my heart
(c) GS White 2010
Written by
GS White
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