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Mar 2014
Far from the wishes of yesterday
I have decided to live the moment, enjoy the present, cherish the unknown.
It feels weird not to know what tomorrow brings
yet it’s a beautiful kind of weird
filled with rose petals and sparkled wine.
It’s strange but I like the feeling of the unknown,
I like not hearing what is loud,
not seeing what is apparent
just because I choose not to.
It gives me power. Peace. Satisfaction.
It makes me the master of my own fate. The captain of my own ship.
Tomorrow might be the best day of my life,
I might find the perfect prince for the night
[ I remind myself not to have any emotional connection at this point ]
I might as well dance the most perfect dance of all.
I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t want to know.
If at the end of the night, he shows at my door with a red tulip and a smile
I might as well let him in.
I might cherish the sound of the unexpected
and live my undisclosed desires.
But if he is late and I am tired I might turn my back to him and open the eyes to a new story, one I like better… one I enjoy more.
Because at the end of the day everyone gets tired.

**And if it’s all about undisclosed desires and the courage to unfold them, then moon is my witness…for I shall unfold mine one by one
Furtuna Sheremeti
Written by
Furtuna Sheremeti  Oxford
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