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Mar 2014
How can you embrace these icy lips
Knowing that they've kissed razors
And how can you trace my hips
With the tips of your fingers

When you see the bones begin to show
And red lines crisscross this skin again
When my skin both feels and looks like snow
Ugly and cold like the beast inside

And how can you scream
While i'm sobbing on my knees
Crushed by the pain inside and out

I CANT STOP. Cant you see i ******* try?
Fighting to finish dinner, to keep it down
So i'll try and try and scream and lie
Because i don't want you to see

You love the girl who gives eskimo kisses
Who lies awake with you for hours
And ***** you and loves this
Silly bittersweet game we play

But not this sick, tormented ghoul
Who's slowly committing suicide
Whose wretched twisted soul
Is rotting her body from the inside out

I need you i want you i love you
But i need to push you away
Because the dark and wrenching truth?
I'm a grenade, about to explode.
Work in progress, but i needed to get this out
Written by
Clara Oswin  USA
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