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Mar 2014
An earthquake for every single
Time you said "I love you,"
And it went unnoticed.

Is it chronophobia,
Or is it the fear that time will
Run out for us both?
The earthquakes will become
Forest fires and
You will forget me.

I am going crazy imagining
The shape of your lips
When you whimper for me to
Stop the pouring rain.

Shaking fists and broken glass;
I wish you'd lower your voice
And lower your walls before
The wind takes us both.

Sit up straighter, don't let them
Know he took your frame and
Smashed it against the wall.
"I'd calm the storm if I could,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Will your ghost be joining us for
Dinner, or have you finally
Collected your bones from what is
Left of the dining room closet?

Let her voice echo through the halls
Of an abandoned house just to
Remind you of the state
She left you in.
Written by
       Hallee, ---, Carsyn Smith, Amanda Lee, smallblank and 25 others
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