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Oct 2010
2 a.m.
Dancing in shadow, feeling music
through the soles of our feet-
Creating need in each other
with slow, perfect rhythm
and hard, urgent kiss.
The consequence will be the same-
if we make love or if we don't.
At 2am I'll be missing you
more than you will know.

The desire to continue
flows through me with wicked tempting.
Touch you?
Like hot wax off a candle.
Stinging, burning, wanting.
Knowing it will be harder.
To let go.
To lay you on top of me.
Wanting it harder with that harder knowing.
I will perchance regret---
Only miss.

Till dawn.
We've got,
        and only that
Before you disappear through dew-covered grass.
So we lay,
     flat on my back.
Our scents tangled, vision blind,
      biting and swearing,
kissing and crying.

The light reveals your eyes to me.

I scream and rail, and push you off--
        I grab my clothes and run
Knowing you will never follow me.
        The dawn has killed our fun.
A collaborative piece with help from Ju. The entire first verse is hers. The second was my reaction to the first, and the third is in reaction to her saying "take it all the way till dawn!"
thank you Ju!
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