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Mar 2014
Its so much easier to cry in the dark
You may ask
Well, I feel like a black hole
Devoid of air
Everything beautiful gets dragged down
Down into the deepest hole of my chest
My greedy sorrowed soul
Searching for an eternal light
Something I can grasp onto that wont break off
That I wont drag down or push away
Flowers trying to grow along the base of my skull
Trying to sprout through the toxic darkness that lingers

Its so dull inside my head
Everything in me as charcoal gold
What I am implying is

When its pitch black I am one with the dark
And my soul.
Theres nothing I can poison or destroy

Thats why its so much easier to cry in the dark
Its confusing and hard to explain
Written by
     Emma and Iraira Cedillo
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