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Mar 2014
Psi-ops focused on minorities (COINTEL-PRO), Psi-ops now focus on ALL
You and Me!
(MK-Ultra, Artichoke, Shock & Awe)
The gangster culture bludgeoned into propaganda creation criminals Into Gangster Cool,
Turning the police, militarized, arrest the Latin & Black Race, but Cops and bangers (used as fools) are being used as social control,
Chess board tools
And don't think that if your white your even close to safe,
The poison in our water and food has destroyed all peoples Including the supposed master race,
Another group of jesters, another group of  F O O L S
There is a cabal of evil men, "Pedophiles In High Places,"
Above The Law
Counting their countries,
Counting their thousands of faces...
Murdering our children and leaving no traces.
Bohemian Grove, Mena in Arkansas,
Fast & Furious, even Benghazi
Our liberties and free speech have been kamikazied
Being taken, being lost, the dumbing down of our children
How much more can we pay, and at what cost?
(IE Common Core: Ignorance ****) the chemicals in our foods, GMO, flicker rates and SRI's, SOO many
We choose our
Side Effects, and more...Rolling dice, Roll the Bones
Snake Eyes People,
They're stealing Our Country, Our Liberty, Our Home!!!
ATF extortion of ARES in Oceanside (CA), Small business owner,
A man of pride, fighting back against Tyranny and those who lied
An out of control government, please, no matter what political side
We are on
Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, protects us
At the end of the day.
Come together against a common threat.
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)
The over stepping of the Executive/Judicial/Legislative Branches
Involve us all. Right, Left, Middle, or Moral Ambiguity
Too many rogue parties, too many spy dances
The abominations afflicted on our fellow Americans
(Children, Veterans, Civilians, Active Duty)
At the end of the day no snowflake ever excepts responsibility of
The avalanche that destroys our humanity.

We the people shall overcome, we the people shall
Awaken the 'Sheeple'
Left or Right, Middle, or Combative-Fight
In the end Americans can and will do
What is right...

In the end Americans will know What is right and we will fight
We Will Fight, Today
We Will Fight, Tomorrow
We Will Fight, Every Day
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Molon Labe)!

- Johnny Raven
© Copyright 2014
ARES Armor (Oceanside, CA.) vs. The A.T.F.
  I kind of just wrote this out pretty quickly mainly its on my outrage at the A.T.F. violating a restraining order legally presented to them by the company ARES (
The ATF violated the terms of the warrant. Lied on what they stated the business had. The owner operator and employee's have the whole situation on video/audio. A week or two prior the A.T.F. told the company to hand over it's customer list of names addresses and specifically anyone who bought more than 2 lower receivers to make their own firearms or they would raid their business. First off, this is illegal. So ARES went and got a restraining know what here is a link.  



The laws regarding making your own firearms are strict and there are very specific guidelines you must follow to create them. However people who choose to make there own firearms do so because they feel the government having a list of all gun owners - names/addresses/etc (Law abiding citizens I might add) makes us all feel uncomfortable and frankly its none of their business. the more you look into the situation the more you realize these agencies are violating numerous federal and state laws. They are getting away with it due to the simple and understandable fact that people are afraid to retaliate legally and non-violently. This company ARES is fighting back. Please show them your support by showing up to their court dates to show you support not only our Constitution, but our Bill of Rights.
Johnny Raven
Written by
Johnny Raven  M/San Diego, California
(M/San Diego, California)   
   Artemesia Noam
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