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Mar 2014
Sing to me, as I'm drifting off the sleep
Faded charts beside my feet
I don't want to die alone

Close your eyes, as my body is being lit
Buried in an iron casket
Flying too high for the embers to glow

I'm too scared to land
Please hold me by the hand
I think I am drifting away

Please hold my tight
Where I am there is no light
To comfort me as I begin to dream

And if you can't hear breathing
Don't worry about a pulse that isn't there
Don't hold on however much you care

Just don't stop singing
We can always sleep
Another day

Sing with me, I've drifted off to sleep
Name tag tied to my feet
I do not want to die alone

Sing with me
I've drifted off to sleep
And I do not want to die alone
A bit of a rush job.  Planning on editing it tomorrow.
Alternate names appreciated.
Critique even more appreciated: pros, cons, suggested edits, whatever comes to mind.
Johnathan Liu
Written by
Johnathan Liu  USA
   Theia Gwen
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