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Mar 2014
Last night I dreamt of a large airy abode,
and with it's presence my senses seemed to erode,
a gut feeling told me to enter that shack,
and stepping through the solid wooden door I entered,
crippling chills running up my back.

I walked through that barren, cold, dreary house,
padding along as quiet as a mouse,
I came upon you perched in a dark hallway,
If only I'd known that you were so far away,
for the man in front of me was not the gentleman I knew,
and as you slowly inched forward my panic grew,
for in your hand was a crimson tipped knife,
and I knew the man I trusted most would take my life.

So the tears began steadily flowing,
and with slick sweat my skin was glowing,
as I turned to run from the man I loved,
making my way back I pushed and shoved,
commanding my body to move faster,
but to the floor my feet were plastered.

Glancing back I saw you draw nearer,
as my final moments became so clear,
with a burst of speed I came to that heavy front door,
but with a sudden gust it slammed with a roar,
anguish and sorrow slowly enveloped me,
as my body shut down and I fell to my knees.

Above me you stood grinning and slowly held up the blade,
as I begged and pleaded for someone, anyone to come to my aid,
with eyes full of betrayal I look into yours,
and it seems that by you, I was still lured,
For I realized even then that I could not despise,
the killer who owned those beautiful eyes,

as I screamedΒ Β to a seemingly non-existent Lord,
you began to get weary and obviously bored,
down, down, down, came that sharp crimson dagger,
and with its impact I began to stagger,
I fell clumsily to the ground,
with a thunk and a pound,
as you stabbed me repeatedly with fiery ferocity,

I wondered what had I done,
To make you hate me so ***?
and with my last cry,
I gave to you a final goodbye,
and watching your receding body, I slowly drifted,
into the eternal sleep with broken body, hollow heart, and lost soul.
I tend to have vivid nightmares, this is based on one of them.
Brooke Davis
Written by
Brooke Davis  20/F
   Dan D, Carsyn Smith, Careena and ---
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