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Mar 2014
Sometimes I don't feel anything
My nervous system responds as though I am here
In this body
But I am not
I'm somewhere that I find hard to explain
Somewhere that I feel may not be a part of real life
Or visited by anyone other than me
It is a place I may have made all on my own, all for me

Does that make me crazy?
You must be asking yourself if I am
But I am asking myself "how?"
How does it make me crazy that I have created a place of solitude?
I go to this place to save myself
Because if there's anything I've discovered, it's that I'm the only one who can
I grew tired of waiting for someone to throw me a life saver
I grew tired of waiting for superman, dangling from great heights
So I jumped
And I fell into a place that I have coined safe
A place I have coined all my own
I'm never lost or confused here
It's somewhere I belong

So if I have made a wonderland of lies in my mind to keep from losing myself,
does that make me insane or completely aware?
Jamie Horridge
Written by
Jamie Horridge  23/F
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