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Mar 2014
Glow Of Sunlight
© Surazeus
2014 03 11

Hello sunlight, my old friend,
I have come to sing with you again
because a vision swiftly gliding
beams bright rays while I am writing,
and the vision that glows outward from my eyes
mirrors skies within the glow of sunlight.

On flowered hills I leap and dance
twirling round in cosmic trance.
Neath the halo of an apple tree
I flap my cape and pretend to fly
when my eyes are kissed by the glow of a diamond sun
that paints dark night, tinged by the glow of sunlight.

And in the beaming light I see
ten thousand people, maybe more,
people dancing on flat pyramids,
people drinking juice and chanting spells,
people praising the goddess who holds a new-born child
with reverent hymn, reflecting the glow of sunlight.

"Friends," say I, "Your love awakes.
Music like a grape-vine grows.
I hear your words so I see your thoughts,
I feel your arms help me stand and sing."
And my words like splashing raindrops ring
and blossom from the tree of sunlight.

And the people bow and pray
to their golden goddess queen,
and the flame flickers bright on the hearth,
teaching us the secret key of second birth
and the goddess sings, "The words of the prophets
are carved on the temple walls,
and on our hearts," and we feast in the glow of sunlight.
Surazeus Simon Seamount
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