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Mar 2014
I suppose you could find us caught
somewhere in the space between
"what was said"
"what was actually meant,"
internally debating the level of
commitment that came from
buying the other a cup of coffee
at the cafe down the street.

I dated a boy once
who asked me if I thought he
did too many drugs as he exhaled
smoke on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
I had laughed and said no,
all the while thinking
quite the opposite.
I still have yet to kiss him
when he was sober.

I once got lost in the idea that there
is no differentiation between lust,
infatuation, obsession and love,
that all were simply mirrors of
each other, or parts of an
ambiguous "bigger picture."
I took a left down the path the led
to Confusion and have yet
to find my way back to Clarity.

I have a bad habit of reading into the
actions of others, exhausting
the dictionary with a continuous
stream of questions regarding the
meaning behind the way he knew
I took two spoonfuls of sugar in my tea
or the amount of times he would blink
as I told him were the scar
on my left knee came from.
Kay Reed
Written by
Kay Reed  F/ohio
   cynthia, ---, Katie, Leah McGuire, Jay and 2 others
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