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Mar 2014
I cannot begin to explain the horror that is my life
No self-harm here since pain cuts deep enough without a knife
They won't let me paint my nightmares on the four white walls confining me
You know they lock you up when you say things like 'I just want to be pretty'
Three square meals a day is thought to be a round diet
But as a kid the shapes didn't fit so I had to keep it quiet
Quick while nobody's looking throw it to the dogs
Wrap some in your napkin and hope to God no one saw
They say it's something mental nothing physical at all
But go a day in my shoes and you'd see apart we fall
I try to reach out for a paintbrush to color in my dreams
Hands tangled up in measuring tape and I'm bursting at the seams
Written by
   ---, RA, Eileen Prunster and morgan
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