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Mar 2014
I can barely move
I can barely talk
I can't breathe when I'm this way
It's gotten worse
And it happens more often
I'm paralyzed in a nightmarish dream and I come out gasping
I smile in the beginnings
because it tries to pull me under and can't
But after a while it wins and pulls me under
I fight
I try to move, but all I get is a bit of shaking
And I try to talk or scream, but all I get is a short puffed out breath
I try to breathe more, but I hyperventilate
I half wake up from it to try to get free, but it pulls me under and smiles at me
I hate it when it happens to me, sometimes it feels like your falling and you can't wake up until you flight yourself or startle yourself awake or hit the ground. It's so sometimes. Mostof the time it's just the darkness I'm falling into. Other times it's something else
Chalsey Wilder
Written by
Chalsey Wilder  22/Two-Spirit/Space
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