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Jul 2011
The sun's blazing heat rippling through
The leaves of the tall oak outside my window.

I, sitting here under the fans don't feel it.
Nature is a stranger to me, kept away
By the harsh metal columns which
Hold up this society, keeping me in the shade.
Stranger to the heat.

Into the wilderness,
I break the judgmental glass and join my
Nymphs who dwell in the beautiful oak
Outside my window.

Feel, the confinement thrown at me by
The sun,
Holding me in.
Showing me my unfortunate place,
So weak, so vulnerable.

The incessant chatter of the crickets, taunting
Abolish me from my natural home.

There stand the muse of our modern society.
Gregariously reminding
Us of how we can never escape
The chatter and
The heat.
Written by
Jasmine Paisley
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