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Feb 2014
1.I want to kiss you until you lose your mind.
2. I think about days when you don’t love me anymore and I can already taste blood in my mouth and my heart is already prepared to take flight.
3. I am exactly who I think I am when you place your callused hands on my body and you see me as exactly who I wish to be.
4. You feel. And when you feel it takes up all of you. But it doesn’t destroy you.
5. You always have to be touching me, like you’re holding down a balloon. And I certainly don’t mind, for I’ve always longed to have someone keep me grounded.
6. I have been consistently warned not to make homes out of humans, but without you I would be homesick.
7. I stare at you and I have this unmanageable fear I will one day fall out of love with you. But I know that if there comes a day when I love you less, I’ll fight it till the very end.
Peyton Scott
Written by
Peyton Scott  Canada
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