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Feb 2014
My desk, it was facing the other way

It witnessed the two of us: entwined but one whole foot apart; leaning on each other's shoulders; too afraid to get closer

It saw us, shyly, touch each other's fingers yet it couldn't stop it and no electricity flowed between us

It saw us look at each other and look away: a fear of something greater

It saw you type the name of your favorite bands and show me your favorite bands, some of which would become mine and I did the same for you except you stopped listening to all of my music

It saw me sitting, on the phone with you, solving your math problems on its surface, telling you the answers hoping you'd understand

My desk, saw us stay up until 3 in the morning talking about the future we swore would come to us

My desk doesn't face that way anymore

It saw me yelling at you and crying on the phone about you months after my desk seized to see you.

My desk, saw me listen to your favorite bands and saw me stare off into the distance remembering the moment you showed them to me

My desk, is watching me write this and is hearing the background noise of one of your favorite bands

My desk has witnessed ******.
Written by
Hedonic Nihilist  Florida
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