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Feb 2014
I can take your body wherever
I want it to go
I slap you around
Kick you down
You come back begging me for more

You're lovesick
If you knew ****
Then you'd know it's best
To listen when I say to leave me alone
But you can't comprehend
And don't understand
That I have lips of deceit

I control you
I'm the darkness
I'm the monster
That you can only dream
I'm on another level
I am the ultimate
I am the superior being

I **** the minds
Of everyone that I find
That opens the door for me
I step inside
See the pathetic insecurity cry
And I hit it and hit it and hit it and hit it

I hit it until it screams louder!
I hit it until it bleeds from its face!
I hit it until it wishes it were dead!
I hit it until it's in its place!

I don't control you because I just come up
I'm the darkness because I was created this way
I'm a monster because I wish I wasn't this way
I'm on another level because I've been wronged
By the wretched vermin that have been built

You're just like the rest!
A liar!
A faker!
A loser!
An idiot!
A ****!
You should beg to be in my presence
I am the ultimate
The superior being

You can't run
I've got you
I own you
I possess you
You can't go anywhere
My dear dear there's no escaping it
I'm here
You're only here to die
So stay with me
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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