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Feb 2014
So much adds to her, oh where do I begin,
Her sharp green eyes like emeralds on her sun kissed skin

Her bangles clang while her boots thud
My heart races when she walks near, I'm afraid she could hear
And I notice she smells of sweet rose buds

She is unique, with her Beatles shirt
and her short white skirts
Her infectious smile, shaming the stars
I swear, I'm her biggest admirer

Her hair drapes over her shoulders, falling down her back
Gentle waves of cascading auburn hair
She's the definition of beauty, to be exact

Like a summers night, like the last light of day
Like the harvest moon, it takes all my will to hold my swoons at bay

I love this Bohemian girl, with her oddities and all
My lovely bohemian girl, she keeps me enthralled
A name to grace my lips, never so sweet;
And now my love is complete
Kelsea Ivy Norris
Written by
Kelsea Ivy Norris
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