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Feb 2014
The lovers swim in a moonlit sea
The beautiful night sky reflected in their very eyes

The lovers fell apart as broken doors
One not wanting the other as much as they did before

The lovers stood in a storm to swords
Words and knives whisper as they fly by
They hold onto each other tight
To them, that was the only thing that felt right.

The lovers were lost in each other's arms.
Right to the day they died they were singing their sweet lullaby.

Tears was gems, diamonds on the floor reflective of fears they've lost.
The world was their oyster and they were the pearls, peas-in-a -pod, they exalt their God.

Lucky they be, to find another when their in need. Their love will never fade even when it reaches heaven's gate.

Lovers love and lovers die to become someone else when the sun no longer shines, and when the sweet moon finally fails and falls apart as it fades from sight. Will these lovers figure out what is truly right?
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