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Feb 2014
there was a little bat a biker bat was he
on his little harley riding wild and free
all around the country the little bat would go
traveling round for miles he just it loved it so
with his leather jacket and his biker boots
planning out his journey picking all the routes
one day on his travels along a country road
he heard someone crying it was a little toad
he lostΒ Β his way and far away from home
he had lost direction when he began to roam
dont worry said the bat i know what to do
i will ride around and find your pond for you
toad climbed on the bike and sat at the back
of they went together along the country track
searching for a pond they rode for a while
then found the toad his home and he began to smile
toad he was so happy in his pond once more
safe and sound again like he was before
the little bat rode off and he waved goodbye
continued on his journey beneath the bright blue sky
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