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Feb 2014
We as the United States generate hate
by overstepping our bounds
moving our military into other nations
The real root cause to drill oil in the ground
Cause we need oil to move
our economy - so we ignore
other countries rights to autonomy
Because we're America bringing freedom
to the world - yes please understand
We'll help out Libya and Iraq but
not Rwanda or Sudan - its the American plan -
We bring freedom if you've got something for us
So please adore us, give us
your natural resources - then we'll
destroy your country and be its only
recourse - we use force to get
what we need even if it means
making more die and bleed -
so cut the real TV feed and let
the American media propaganda proceed
rusty shacks
Written by
rusty shacks  dumpster baby
(dumpster baby)   
   Shimwa Augusta
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