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Feb 2014
I like to talk
you know that
Words tend to fall from my mouth like a poem
Speaking is a soulful release
but with you it's not like that
Talking to you is glorious
but listening to you
is magical
Hearing you speak
is hypnotizing
Every word that you say
carries like a note on a bass guitar
Your smile causes sparks on the wood floors of my heart
warming it with a fire
It hurts
to know something so beautiful
is breathing
You hiccup life in to people
giving people color after they have turned grey
But I would love to turn grey with you
Once I was told my body doesn't work like it's suppose to
I tend to inhale what harms me
and exhale what I need
I think you taught me to breathe again.
I have too much time to think about you.
Taylor Naomie Bass
Written by
Taylor Naomie Bass
   naivemoon and Elise
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