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Feb 2014
To my ex and all the women who turned
their noses up at me when I was waiting
to be called back to my job.
Losing my job weeded out the fakes.
As my old man would say, "Real friends stick
with you through thick and thin."
My old man was right.

Not seeking anything from you except
becoming friends.
I got my old job back two weeks ago.
I'm not seeking money had generous savings.
I'll have my benefits back but didn't lose 401k.
My home is P.I.F. .
Don't get me wrong I have friends.
I outgrew most of them because
they didn't grow mentally with me.
Not saying they *******.
They got no interests in traveling beyond
our small community.
Reading your posts know you can relate to that,
They are nothing like you and I like that.

I want what the others have with you.
I want someone warm like as my friend.
I want someone I can kick it with on line.
I want someone fun like you in my life.
I want to be a part of your inner circle.
I can't send messages or comment on Google+.
I would love to be a part of discussions.
You don't allow adding on your Facebook.
That's all good.

I will give you all you need to have me
checked out with a P.I. if you want.
I'm harmless and I've never served time
behind bars.
I loved reading your poem about Vets.
I'm a Vet. but never fought a war.
Left the military but I served my county.
What would be great is
to chat with you on messenger.

What I know is:
I can't be a chicken **** if I want to get to know you.
It worked for T. Stevens Ms. Betty Ponder.
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