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Feb 2014
It was only days ago
In a time of a better me
The strangers lived here, sometime ago
They dwelled inside of me

I was young, and lived rather grand
In the skin that was me
Oh what times we had, them and I, I and them

I and the people inside of me
With our thoughts ever conflicting,
None were covetous of we

Maybe it's been years, not days ago
These people inside of me
Had only first appeared
Without my sanity
So they bound me with ropes,
Those people inside of me
My own body and mind my sepulchre
No longer are we who I used to be.
This was an english project. I tried to do one of my favorite poems justice!
-Instead of a story about a love lost, I put a twist to the famous "Annabel Lee". The story is of a man, who goes through a trauma and because of it, develops multiple personality disorder, who slowly recognizes what's happening and gives in, letting himself be entombed.
Kelsea Ivy Norris
Written by
Kelsea Ivy Norris
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