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Feb 2014
"I love you." I repeated to myself in the dark and dreary room.
"I love you. I love you. I love you." as if it would brighten up the gloom.
"I love you." I shouted to twinkling and abundant stars. "I love you." I yelled to the red planet Mars.
"I love you." I whispered to my little flower ***. However my face may have whispered my state of distraught.
"I love you." I sang to the slow setting breeze. The words came off my lips with such an eloquent ease.
"I love you." I confided to the cold winter night. Through solace and indifference that comforted my plight.
"I love you." I proclaimed to my favorite blue pen, then I looked outside my window and that would be when,
"I love you." I chimed to the evening moon. Her bright light informed me that the time would come soon.
"I love you." I stated to the dimly lit telly, and that's when into the room walked my beautiful wife Ellie.
She glared at me and grabbed her suitcase, my heart pounded as such it would were I in danger.
She swiftly passed me a glance and left, because I could not say "I love you." to a stranger.
Pedro Garcia
Written by
Pedro Garcia
   Bailey, Arianna Grande, Cat A, A, --- and 15 others
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