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Feb 2014
raspberry girl
when i see you i
can't help but get a little
maybe not roses blooming
in my cheeks but
raspberries bleeding onto
my face
and my heart picks up so much that i feel i want to die, and there's such a grand possibility
i can't breathe but there's enough air in the world for me to **** on
regardless, there's a pleasant heat between me
that picks up and intensifies as you draw near and it bursts inside and there are debris everywhere (internally, i should add)
and you are right in front of me, next to me, behind me, and i feel a lightheaded kind of ecstasy as our eyes meet
some days our shoulders brush and i moan in pure bliss
i turn, and you are gone

blueberry boy—
there are parts of you
i can only see clearly
with a wet right hand
twelve caesuras
Written by
twelve caesuras  suicide notes, love poems
(suicide notes, love poems)   
   Almighty Ghost Girl, RA and Elise
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