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Feb 2014
Did you like
her sadistic plotlines and predatory fantasies
Did you like
the way she played with toys as a child
melting plastic in the sun on little dolls' hips
molten chastity belts to keep the girls from stealing her prince
Did you like
the gleaming arrogance in her guarded smile
a budding killer still learning how to shred hearts and haunt minds
Did you like
how easily she approves of treating women like toys
mere objects to be shelved away and dare you cast your eyes
anywhere else but at her feet
otherwise she might
see them as people
with their own dreams to protect
and their own lives to fulfill
and their own love to find solace in
God forbid
she suddenly realizes
she isn't better than everyone else
God forbid
she falls off her high horse and breaks a leg
and moans about how tortured she is

Did you like
that all she ever wanted
was to eat me alive?
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