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Feb 2014
Fantasy minded ******* and binded **** kindness ethics I don't mind it regular social norms I don't live by it the inside if my head during this is totally quiet

  Deep cuts in the mutt hydrochloric **** you can ******* in between the violent ruts

  Engage in the regular norms of reverse mentality, it may be cryptic, but it's cliche so really they're is no abnormality

Suicide is a biological abnormality
Jesus accepted death and doubted his mortality  
But you'll die tonight an enigmatic causality

A vision of johova speaking to burning flames while a pentagram of blood and spirits call my name
   A tragic masquerade of hate turned into mallevolant beautiful evil if I **** your tonight that will be a favor with no equal
  Affection is no fix to so called anti social disconnection it's because I've been baptized by the blood which you'll be drenched in  
    Dark travesty who could happen to see ? A malevolent masterpiece of murdering  your infernal travesty    
For the light is not ending or bending for your masquerade of humanity is ending
Leaving you cut with a razor causing scars which they'll be no mending      

sending to the er don't wory about blackouts and spazms you won't see psalms
     A knife point is a nice point to stick in between joints my hate anoints, the 3 leaf clover won't keep you safe from a razor ,Wes craven I brazenly imitate doing Beelzebub a favor when I wet the place
Smash your ******* face then leave the organs shifted out of place with tool of steel kept on a fuckkng plate, get wiser to my torture crate
  Concealed body's liter all over the place with hydrochloric acid it's they're fuckkng grace to leave the world seeing my face
When the f did I write this ? Ha  I don't really remember but I found It on my phone I was probably ****** up. Anywhoo frank zito is the name of the antagonist of the 1980 classic "Maniac" go watch it. This poem seemed very zito esq
Written by
Sampson  Austin
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