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Jan 2014
You make me forget all there is to worry about
Take away all the pain I feel deep inside
Not a grimace, not a grin, not a pout
Not an emotion left to hide.
The burning sensation soon turns into a mellow feeling
Breathe in, breathe out, I start to feel alive again
Finally, the soul has begun its healing
I'm looking ahead, not going back to then.

I shiver as I take another sip of wine
Nothing else matters at this point in time
I cling to the glass as the clock strikes nine
And sit back, listening to the oh so melodious chime.
Cure my mind, cure my heart
Cure me of these poisonous thoughts.
Maybe this won't work, but it's a start.

Blurred visions and butterflies in my tummy
My mind soon drifts away in the dark night
I ask myself, "What's the hurry?"
But I only have one chance to make it right.
I drink some more to calm down
Maybe it's working, maybe it's not
I start to see a smile now, instead of a frown
I've now struck my target right on the dot!
Written by
Reneeza  New York, U.S.
(New York, U.S.)   
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