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Jan 2014
Im thankful for my job because i can feel peace here.
Im thankful for my job because i learned a lot of lessons here.
Im thankful for my job because of all of the wonderful people i work with.
Im thankful for my job because i make money here to pay my rent and my utilities
Im thankful for the BD she has helped me want to better myself.
Im thankful for the hours here
Im thankful that i dont have to chase patients down a hallway
Im thankful i am not a security guard
IM thankful that it is an 8 hour shift, with an hour lunch break
Im thankful for lunch break because i can go home, and pray in my home and or sit outside in PEACE.
Im thankful for my life today
Im thankful god gave me air
Im thankful for my home
Im thankful for my friends
Im thankful angel gave me a massage
Im thankful Will has forgiven me and wants to spend time with me.
Im thankful for my family.
Im thankful that Giselle and Alex care so much
IM thankful for my church
im thankful for my car
Im thankful for my breakfast and the food that which im granted today.
Im thankful for the bible, its many lessons and verses are inspiring..
Im thankful for Melissa, she has stood by me through this entire lesson.
Im thankful for my lesson, because it has made me stronger and see things from another perspective...
Alexa Oliveira
Written by
Alexa Oliveira  Finland
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