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Jan 2014
Are you okay?
Are the medications helping?
Do they work the way they should?
Are you happy?
Do you still have emotions?*
Here let me fix that,
Just up the dosage now.*
Are you still depressed?
Do you ever smile?

Can't let that happen.
Oh come on, it's helping right?
You said you didn't want to feel that way,
We upped the dosage.
We have new medications,
Come on sweetie just let it go.

No need to be emotional,
Oh you feel like a shell?

Here lets fix that,
No need to feel anymore.

Just be happy,
Want some more pills?
Oh you want to die?

We'll up the dosage.
Oh you think your addicted?
Did you try to quit?

Don't be silly now,
Depression calls for this medication.
Anxiety does too.

**Everyone's on these pills,
Of course they work.
No, I'm not on medications, but I have so many friends who are. They constantly have their prescriptions upped and given more and more different pills. It's quite sad to watch them go from being these happy people to something that I'm not used to. Shells, that's what I refer to them as, and I know that's not right of me to do, but that's what they seem like. The world of medication and therapy, just diagnosing so many teenagers with depression and anxiety. Of course we're depressed, our hormones constantly change and our brain is still developing. Yes I realize there are cases where the medication is necessary, but there are ones where it isn't too.
Alexandria Christine Leeson
Written by
Alexandria Christine Leeson  Missouri
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