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Jan 2014
I admit it, I kinda sorta knew that since childhood,
what your title implies might be the gospel truth.
The day that thought made entry into my head,
was one warm rainy day in my a kindergarten class.

Very content was I playing games with the others,
many young men of age five and six did appear.
Shy were they mainly but some were quite bold.
Said one, "You're pretty Betty, we like your bow!"

The boys went not to far away and along came girls,
who wanted that bow because the boys liked it.
One girl went so far as to take it out of my hair,
my tidy ponytail was no more when it was removed.

Thankful for the boys who acted as gallant knights,
they came and took back bow, then off went the girls.
Later in day I told me my mother about the incident,
she said, "Jealous girls and the boys like you Betty!"

My father was informed, he smiled, kissing my forehead.
He said, "Never change who you are and always be you.
No matter what you gain in life somebody wont like you."
He hugged me then we went outside to look the clouds..

All went well with the producer
g2g, smiles to you and peace out!
Betty Ponder
Written by
Betty Ponder
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