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Jan 2014
ever since middle school my aorta knew it had found you, but you denied it for no more and no less of a quarter. you had nothing to offer except for a handful of broken promises and it was painfully obvious that you had set out to hand them to me. like a jigsaw puzzle i was to be left undone. there are pieces of me that are still scattered on the ground, waiting for you to come back and put me back together again. as time goes on i'm stuck, frozen on the idea that you and i could ever be together. its cold where i reside, on the outside looking in. you have the key to get inside, but you give it to anyone but me. i feel as if  i'm window-shopping for something i could never have. this one-sided love feels like stepping on sharp glass, never knowing where to go or step next. left or right? its a maze that never ends. when i'm positive i can find my way out, you throw me off. i think there's a spark but it turns out to be equivalent to a faulty 4th of July firework. i think it's time to put out the fire that never burned very bright, but if the ashes ever rekindle, you'll always be my light.
allison joy
Written by
allison joy
   whyshouldiknow and annmarie
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