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Jan 2014
I feel like the first fallen angel.
I know how Samael felt.
As Lucifer he cursed the stars, at his rainbow’s end
There’s no *** of gold.
To live out his time;
With nothing to gain…
Oh my Lord; I could feel that pain.
And though it damns me to God, I would heal that pain.

When there’s no place  left to hide.
Nowhere left in my God’s eyes, we surrender to;
The deadliest Sin.
The Sin Of pride.

Would it hurt so much to hold me?
Would it cause you so much loss?
I know what’s gone wrong
And I know who came last
But I was so busy with changing the past
Then I,
I looked to heaven for guidance,
And all that I found there was you.
This sin was a cold satisfaction
We fell where atrocity flew

When there’s no place left to hide
No place left in my God’s eyes;
We surrender to the deadliest Sin.
The Sin of Pride.
Desmond Lane
Written by
Desmond Lane
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