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Jan 2014
There is a simple light I move toward
As bright crystalline light on flesh.
Small and needful I dissolve ; rebuilding again
And again.
The fluid spreads me
Safe within that first emphatic embrace.

The flame of canopy air cannot lure me
I could not give her up
This fluid clean purity; this wholeness.
My soul lens -transparent , transmuting
As Fire, as Liquid, as Air, as Earth.
This is her exponent.
I am the first sound , the first breath – the cry.
Given grace only through her.
All my wayward spinning nuclei
Made placid
By the coolness of that,
Surface skin.
Which never breaks.

The attention of this opening scene, focuses on a voice of ripples.
Whirling, in a pool of heavy silver rings.
All at once The world becomes limitless .
And I howl.
She is alive in me
But she has gone
The new warmth of stone
The comfort of strangers.
Desmond Lane
Written by
Desmond Lane
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